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What is Zion Custom Design ?

Zion Custom Designs specializes in adding value and function to residential and commercial installations for personal or investment purposes.

We provide services to home owners seeking renovations, corporate and hospitality seeking sound strategic planning and aesthetics.

We are passionate about the success and longevity of your investment.

We will be your partner through through each stage from design to construction.

At the heart of our company passion is the key component to everything we do.

We embrace the journey and lessons of challenges, as well as the triumphs, through communication, sensitivity and a strong dedication to integrity.

Whats our mission?

To create clean cohesive projects that are tailored to our clients through integrating the many influences that shape their narratives of life or their brand.

Why work with us ?

We increase property value through real estate strategies.

We minimize unexpected repairs.

We comprehend functionality as a key in any project.

We are fast, reliable and demonstrate a strong sense of integrity.

We are professional, thorough and dedicated.

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